The free-of-charge visa check for professionals from third countries

The free-of-charge visa check for professionals from third countries

Call now for your free visa check. Tel. +49 40 278 78 905

Free of charge: With the free -Visa-Check you can quickly find out what your chances are for a work visa

We have been assisting foreign professionals and skilled workers with work permits and visa applications for over 20 years

For your individual and free visa check, please fill out the e-form below. This offer does not include legal advice or individual case examination. If you are coming from a third country and have a binding job offer or a signed an employment contract, we will determine schematically, with the help of our practical experience of more than 20 years, which residence title(s) is/are the most promising.

The form below is optimized for the EU Blue Card visa process and the corresponding work permit (pre-consent, “Vorabzustimmung”). However, there are other visa categories and residence titles for taking up gainful employment, which can be obtained in the standard procedure (“Standardverfahren”) or in the expedited process for skilled workers (“beschleunigtes Fachkräfteverfahren”). For specific inquiries regarding assistance with visa or residence title applications, as provided by relocation agencies, where a legal service is a necessary and customary ancillary service, please feel free to call us: Tel. +49 40 278 78 905 or use the contact form.

For legal services, i.e. in-depth, individual and out-of-court advice on legal issues relating to employment and immigration law and other areas of law, please contact a specialist lawyer.

The first assessment in the free visa check is of course free of charge and you do not enter into any further obligation. We ask for your understanding that if you have individual questions regarding your application for a visa or a residence title, we first need a corresponding order in order to be able to help you further.

As soon as you want to assign us to support you, you should already have some documents ready. These can be:

  • Passport copy
  • Tabular curriculum vitae
  • Graduation documents / university certificates (preferably in certified translation)
  • Employment contract or job offer including position description and (gross) salary

We treat the data provided to us as strictly confidential. Please let us know if we are not allowed to pass on your data to the relevant authorities in order to obtain information there, e.g. to the responsible residents’ registration office, foreigners’ authorities or the Federal Employment Agency.

Our assessment is made to the best of our knowledge and belief from years of experience and practice, but remains non-binding and does not replace legal advice.

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