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Your professional Home Search to settle in one of 100 destinations in Germany

A professional home search is often the most important part of a relocation.

Expats who are looking to rent an apartment are professionally supported in large cities, where they face rising rents, rampant housing shortages and the fact that foreigners often are not as welcome as local applicants .

What makes professional home finding with Anders Consulting Relocation Service so special? And why do foreigners being on a hunt for an apartment have much better chances of successfully renting a flat with the help of a relocation agency?

The service list shows the many good reasons to book Anders Consulting’s professional apartment search:

Service List Apartment and House Search

Fixed price 1.599,00 Euro plus VAT

Residential Profile

Development of an individual residential profile with budgetary ideas, space requirements, preferences and wishes

Application File

Preparation of an application file for the successful application for a rental contract


Approximation of expectations and conditions in the real estate market


Contact with the relocation network of agents, administrators and owners


Unlimited search of offers, evaluation and selection according to the residential profile and review of recommendations

Date agreement

Preparation, agreement and coordination of guided viewings and tours


Transfers between temporary residence / place of work and viewings

Up to 8 properties

Professional guided tour of up to 8 properties, translation in English or native language on request


Orientation of the surroundings of the visits (infrastructure, environment, traffic, etc.)


Summary, advice and recommendation for the application for suitable properties


Provide voluntary disclosure of confidential information and application documents for the application and follow up on winning the bid

Your new home in Germany: Do not search for a long time but rent with us quickly!

ANDERS CONSULTING Relocation Service presents your personal home finding with professional support to find your home in one of 100 destinations in Germany

“The home search may not be lengthy and difficult, and you being an expat should be protected from a frustrating, distressing search for an apartment. The quality of the housing, location and infrastructure are very important to you. Only your own home creates safety, order and tranquillity.

In Germany it has become difficult for expats and other foreigners to rent an apartment, because of the housing shortage which has despite the rent brake triggered a rent explosion. In Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Berlin, it is particularly difficult to rent an apartment.

Of course, you can also try it on your own: but who will tell you where to best meet your lifestyle expectations and where you can send your children to the right school? How do you avoid difficult commuting or living in the apartment below the approach path of an airport? Who safeguards you from fraudulent offers? With our support you will find the right apartment like so many of our other clients. You´ve got a Friend in Germany!”

Downloads on how to rent an apartment

Service List Professional Home Finding

10 handy tips for a successful home search

Price list: all services, all prices

With your personal relocation service find a flat or a house quickly, reliably, safely and comfortably

Relocation support from Anders Consulting offsets the disadvantages expats and other foreigners have in the search for accommodation, for expamle:

1. Lack of language skills

2. Little knowledge of the real estate market, practices and the legal situation

3. No proof of income, Schufa information, or rent arrears freedom confirmation

4, In-decision due to uncertainty about the situation and lack of familiarisation

5. Growing prejudices of owners and brokers

10 handy tips for a successful home search

1. Whoever starts an apartment search should explore the districts, i.e. start an orientation tour. Tips from colleagues or acquaintances should be critically questioned, because they often have different perceptions

2. As soon as the criteria for the apartment search are fixed, the search interval, (e.g. maximum rent or square metres) should always apply +/- 10%. Otherwise you can miss many good opportunities

3. Attractive apartments in large cities like Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Hamburg or Berlin are often on the market for only one or two days. Expats who compare or discuss too long before deciding to visit, will in many cases come away empty handed

4. Pay attention to additional charges and utilities and keep in mind that there are still costs to add for electricity and internet. Commissions or fees for the brokerage of an apartment are unlawful

5. An apartment seeker who is not able or willing to make any compromises will face problems in finding a property in the popular urban areas and conurbations. There should also be enough time to avoid being under too much pressure when looking for an apartment

6. Anyone who does not provide documentation in a application file at an open viewing is usually out of the game. You must present: a passport or ID copies, Schufa information, confirmation of previous tenancy, the last 3 salary statements

7. Price negotiations do not matter: anyone who tries to negotiate the conditions will almost never get the apartment. If a property is too expensive, then it should be disregarded

8. Inspect the lease carefully prior to signing. During the home search, enter the tenant association. Then there is help. Anders Consulting also offers a lease check

9. If e-mail or telephone is specified in an advert, it´s better to use the telephone. Many adverts get hundreds of e-mails, but few calls. Call private landlords preferably in the evening, real estate agents during the day

10. You can be untruthful in personal matters when asked, e.g. whether you smoke, you often have visitors or like to throw parties. However, you must be truthful about your financial circumstances and the number of family members or pets

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