Immigrating to Germany – work permit, visa and residence permit

Immigrating to Germany – work permit, visa and residence permit

For your visa, work and residence permit in Germany call immediately, Blue Card specialists! Phone: +49 40 278 78 905

Don't pay too much and don't wait too long for your German residence permit - we assist you on the fast lane!

We assist you in mastering the immigration process that Non-EU citizens have to go through in order to work in Germany. Businesses and employees around the world need work visas for managing worldwide mobility of work forces. For over 20 years Anders Consulting offers fast, reliable and cost-effective immigration services for all kind of purposes such as long-term employment such as it is offered by the Blue Card EU, limited assignments and intra company transfers, for job seeking, freelancers, students, language training – and a lot more!

You also often need a visa for business travel. But when are visas required anyway? And which is the right visa? And which immigration process is easy, fast and cost effective? What happens after gaining visa entry to a country? What is allowed and what is not? How does the visa process work for family members or dependants? There are many questions. The answers are available at Anders Consulting.

We have a focus on taking the fast lane with you. When you have your appointment at the embassy you can be sure that we have provided you with all documents and information you would need in order to get the visa within only a few weeks. After arrival in Germany we take care of the necessary steps to comply with all obligations for your long-term residence permit. And we keep everybody in the loop, because communication is the key to success for the employee and the employer as well.

And when the challenges in immigration are addressed properly we also support you in finding temporary or permanent housing and in settling-in and deal with everyday neccessities you cannot perform youself in the first months. And all that in 100 destinations in Germany!

Taking a work visa for Germany as an example the service list immigration and visa shows the steps with which Anders Consulting Relocation Service Germany assists applicants:

Service List Immigration

Application and procurement work permit

logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Advice on the German right of residence and employment, and the importance of holding a work permit logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Completing and assembling the necessary documents for employers and employees logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Obtaining the necessary signatures and submitting the documents to the competent authorities logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de The correct way to address problems and demands in cooperation with the authorities logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Information to the parties when the work permit is issued and initiating the next steps, e.g. entry to the host country or arraging an appointment at the embassy logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Go to offer…

Fixed price 200,00 Euro plus VAT

Start of the immigration process: Preparation of an appointment at the embassy

logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Professional verification of the eligibility for a visa and choice of the appropriate visa process. Note: Does not replace legal advice logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Advice on booking an appointment at the embassy plus tips for preparing the interview logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Reference to the required documents and their necessary degree of legalization logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de More…

Fixed price 100,00 Euro plus VAT

Assistance with the application for the residence permit

logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Arranging an appointment at the immigration office after arrival in Germany logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Advice on the necessary documents and which documents are required legally logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Filling out the necessary forms and documents and checking for completeness logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Pick-up from the applicants place of residence and accompanying them to the visa appointment logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Request for long-term electronical residence permit (eAT) logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Collection of the eAT at the foreigner´s office and handing it over to the applicant logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Putting the case on automatic recall for an extension of the aAT logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de More…

Fixed price single 390,00 Euro plus VAT
Fixed price couple 440,00 Euro plus VAT
Fixed price family (3 pers.) 490,00 Euro plus VAT
Additional child 50,00 Euro plus VAT

Business visa

logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Information about entry requirements and authorization logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Advice on the necessary documents and their required degree of legalization logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Filling out the necessary forms and documents and checking for completeness logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Visa-pre-check logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Finishing process logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de First task: Pick-up docs and visiting embassy logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Second task: Pick-up visa and delivery to applicant logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Billing according to predefined time requirements logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de More…

Hourly rate 80,00 Euro plus VAT

Extension of the residence titleCurrent title is still valid

Fixed price single 300,00 Euro plus VAT
Fixed price couple 350,00 Euro plus VAT
Fixed price family (3 pers.) 400,00 Euro plus VAT
Additional child 50,00 Euro plus VAT

No limits: The immigration and visa service of Anders Consulting Relocation Service Germany

ANDERS CONSULTING Relocation Service Germany presents the services for starting your professional life in Germany

“Sure, there are visa agencies everywhere. They then get you a visa to enter the country. But, once you get to the stage of applying for the long-term stay in Germany, you find yourself completely alone with the documentation. That’s when the trouble begins in some circumstances: Documents are incomplete, diplomas are not recognized, proof of health insurance is insufficient.

Sometimes the embassies do not check everything properly and yet still issue a visa. That can mean the applicant needs to get an apostille certificate whilst in Germany, as the application needs to be done in the home country. This is very frustrating and time-consuming!

And you can combine everything with us so beautifully: e.g. booking of temporary accommodation on arrival, accompanied visit to the immigration office, orientation-tour in your new city, moving co-ordination and much, much more. Communication problems between the different service providers such as the visa agency, forwarding agency and relocation company are then eliminated. With Anders Consulting Relocation Service Germany you have only one contact person – in over 100 destinations.

And you don´t have to worry about the extension of your electronical residence permit (“elektronischer Aufenthaltstitel” or “eAT”). We will contact you automatically and well enough in advance. You´ve got a Friend in Germany!”

Downloads on Immigration

Document list for the application for a work permit (Germany)

Who can get a visa?

Visa process Blue Card

Price list: all services, all prices

Who can get a visa and a residence permit for work or training in Germany?

For employees and trainees, there are many ways to live and work in Germany after passing through the immigration process:

1. Blue Card EU for highly qualified (§ 19a AufenthG ) with a recognized university degree and minimum salary of 55.200,00 Euro (43.056,00 Euro in shortage occupations, as of 2020), especially for occupations with employee shortages, and also with lower salary requirements

2. Employment according to § 18 AufenthG for qualified persons, e.g. with the consent of the Federal Agency for Labor (BA), within the scope of international agreements or regional interests, as well as for executives and legal representatives of companies and multicorporate enterprises

3. International staff exchange (AufenthG and BeschV ) for a maximum of 3 years after approval by the BA, if the employment contract remains in the home country, there is no wage dumping and health insurance according to EU standards is verified

4. Group-internal advanced training and continued education, traineeship (§ 17 AufenthG ) are exempt from employment permits for a maximum of 3 months. But the entry still requires a visa

5. Study-specific internships (§ 16 AufenthG) according to the application at the Centre for International Migration and Development (ZAV ) for full-time students from recognized universities for a maximum of 12 months. Or after applying to the foreigners’ office for persons studying in Germany of up to 120 days

This list of criteria has been greatly reduced. Errors and changes reserved. As of winter 2019/20

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