Repatriation Departure + Return to Home Country

Repatriation Departure + Return to Home Country

Reading time repatriation departure + return to home country: approx. 4 min.

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Repatriation: Goodbye doesen´t need to hurt

When repatriating, there are at least as many things to consider as on arrival.

With a big difference: If the start of a relocation to a new country is usually accompanied by curiosity and the excitement of starting a new life stage, the departure and the return of expats to their home countries often only consists of a long list of annoying duties at the end of the assignment. However, neglecting these obligations would be reckless because it could lead to complications and possibly even serious consequences.

It is better to shift the problems of repatriation, departure and return to the home country onto a global mobility and relocation agency.

There we go! These services provide less frustration in repatriation:

Service List Repatriation Departure + Return to Home Country

Termination of rental contract

logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Determining the notice period and the obligations required to move-out logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Estimating the likelihood of cosmetic repairs and renovation logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Setting up a notice of termination logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Obtaining signatures and a letter of authority where applicable logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Sending off the notice of termination logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Documentation of the receipt logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de More…

Fixed price 100,00 Euro plus VAT

Return of the apartment in 2 appointments

logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de 1st appointment: inspection before the move-out logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Determination of necessary (cosmetic) repairs logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Advice on the execution of repairs logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de 2nd appointment: Recording and documentation of the state of the apartment in presence of the owner logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Preparation and signing of the handover certificate with meter readings logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de In the case of a disagreement: starting negotiations with the owner logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de If the tenant is absent, execution of the handover as an authorized representative is possible logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de More…

Fixed price 350,00 Euro plus VAT

Refund of the rent security deposit

logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Supervision by regular folllow up of the refund of deposit according to the handover certificate logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de If required giving the landlord a reminder logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Supervision of the receipt of payment logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de More…

Fixed price 80,00 Euro plus VAT

Termination of private contracts

logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Contract review and preparation of the notices of termination (without lease) logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Electricity, gas, water, radio license fee logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Internet, telephone, cable TV logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Mobile communications logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Insurances (without vehicle) logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Clubs and associations logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Gym and sports club logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Child allowance logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Obtaining signatures and sending off the notices logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Documentation of the receipt logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Incoming control of the confirmations logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de More…

Fixed price 250,00 Euro plus VAT

Closing a bank account

logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Scheduling of incoming and outgoing payments for the period before the final closure logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Deciding the correct time to close the account logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Preparation of the order for the agreed closing date and the disposal of any residual credit / debit balance logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Obtaining the signature of the account holder and forwarding the order to the bank logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de More…

Fixed price 100,00 Euro plus VAT

Residential deregistration

logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Completing the forms logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Accompanied deregistration or as an authorized representative logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Delivery of confirmation of deregistration logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de More…

Fixed price 100,00 Euro plus VAT

Reconversion of driving license

logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Obtaining a certificate of authority for the reconversion of a retained national driving license issued in a third country logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Collection of an EU-driving license logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Visit to the competent authorities for the conversion logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Delivery of the national driving license to the expatriate .logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de More..

Fixed price 200,00 Euro plus VAT

Car export plus termination of the vehicle insurance

logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Consultation about the best way of exporting, e.g. on its own axles or shipping by a forwarding agent logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de If necessary looking for a professional forwarder, invinting offers, selecting and assigning a service provider logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Compiling the necessary documents and forms and obtaining a certificate of authority logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Upon request obtaining an export registration logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de After unscrewing the number plates and dispatching them back to Germany: deregistration of the vehicle as an authorized representative logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Forwarding the confirmation of deregistration to the insurance company and termination of the policy logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de Dispatching all car documents back to the expatriate logo-vektorisiert-jpg_bilder-freistellen-online-de More…

Fixed price 200,00 Euro plus VAT

Goodbye, Auf Wiedersehen, au revoir, Do widzenia! Have a positive departure...

“Don´t leave scorched earth while departing. You don´t have to have the same experience as the expatriate from India, whom we had taken care of three years ago on his first assignment to Germany. He just packed his bags, returned the apartment and organized his removal with an international forwarding agent. The termination of contracts and closing his bank account meant little to him. And we didn´t have any idea that he had left and was returning to India.

He was quite astonished when he came back on another 2 year assignment to Gemany 3 years later, to find his bank had terminated his account due to an open debt balance, and new direct debit payments had been posted whilst no new credits were made. A negative rating was registered to the German database for credit reports, called Schufa.

With a bad record at Schufa he couldn´t open a new account and renting a new flat was no option either. Even though he paid all the due amounts and penalties, in the meantime the sum had grown, and it took quite some time to rectify all the problems and arrange an apartment. A few of our services would have saved him a lot of trouble…

For sure we also support Germans, who organize their departure and return at the end of a foreign assignment. All repatriations demand some thought and preparation!”

Downloads on repatriation departure + return

Clever advice for the end of an assignment or for a secondment abroad

Price list: all services, all prices

Clever advice for the return to a home country at the end of an assignment or for a secondment abroad

1. Cancellation or move-out from an apartment is always the most difficult part of an expat’s tenancy. Professional support helps to avoid problems with the departure at the end of an assignment

2. The return of the apartment should be marked with an addition to the protocol saying, “Apartment returned in a state according to the contract”. In order to make this happen the necessary cosmetic repairs and the repair of any damages must have been carried out properly

3. Following the return of a flat, if renovation work is still necessary that cannot be carried out within the rental period, the landlord is entitled to compensation for the loss of the rent

4. There is no law in Germany that regulates the refund of a deposit. A period of 6 months until repayment is considered to be acceptable , 3 months are the norm. Anders Consulting offers a service for the refund of the deposit

5. Often termination of all contracts of daily life is forgotten. One should keep all contracts and correspondence carefully in one´s files, in order not to forget anything and to know the notice periods and contract parties

6. Caution: Contracting parties continue to collect amounts that are simply due, often by direct debiting. Within the EU, claims from contracts can also be filed against the expat later and can cause serious trouble for many years, even if one has moved away

7. The bank account should remain in place and open until residual transfers for refunds from insurances, tax rebates and the rental deposit have been credited to it. Debtors are not obliged to make a transfer to other countries

8. Anyone who goes abroad has to deregister with the German authorities. Failure to comply is an administrative offense and may incur a hefty fine

9. The national driving license is usually kept for three years if no tests were necessary for the conversion into a EU driving license. Then it can be exchanged back before returning

10. A car export to a destination outside of the EU is recommended to be done by driving it to the destination. An export vehicle registration is complicated to obtain and do not offer comprehensive cover. Temporary number plates are not widely recognized, e.g. in the Benelux countries cars can be stopped and seized

11. Whoever exports his car with German registration and plates, pays car taxes and insurance until the car has been deregistered. Within the EU, this happens automatically, but often it takes several months

12. Car insurance can be terminated only on the cut-off date of November 30th, with the change of owner, deregistration from road traffic or export abroad. Therefore, the insurance cannot be terminated between cut-off dates unless for deregistration or a new registration abroad

13. When exporting to foreign customs territories or overseas, a specialised forwarding company is always recommended for transport and formalities

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